Helping you grow

A range of options for ambitious businesses

Helping you grow
The marketplace continues to be competitive and your business, like many, aims to achieve growth by making the right choices. 
We can bring insight and help you navigate the right path, allowing you to make smart and strategic decisions, to realise growth and create new opportunities for your business. 
Supporting your international ambitions
  • Explore new ventures
  • International expansion and partnerships
Helping you to realise your growth strategy
  • Opportunity focus
  • Business optimisation
  • Investment for tomorrow
Resources and events

Santander Breakthrough provides insight, practical support and events to help your business scale up.

Structured Finance

With complex and leveraged transactions, our debt packages are tailored to your needs. We also offer pre- and post-deal support.

Growth Capital

An innovative and flexible form of finance designed to help UK businesses grow, without giving away control or significant equity.

At Santander, we’re committed to building close and enduring relationships with each of our business customers, so that we understand how we could help you achieve your business ambitions.

Tim Hinton

Head, Corporate & Commercial Banking

Switching to Santander


  • Fully digital and can be completed remotely
  • Relationship Director and specialist support throughout
  • One form covers 72 banking products across 24 currencies

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