How we protect you

Here are some of the ways we keep your accounts secure.

If you think your Santander accounts have been compromised, or you may have given out your security details, please call us immediately on: 0800 085 2090

We monitor your account

We do this using modern detection systems. If something doesn't look right, we'll contact you. We ensure you use security credentials so we know it's you we're dealing with. You can only access Santander Connect once you've authenticated yourself using your security details.

Two-factor authentication

To give you peace of mind, we ask all our customers to use a security device to authorise their online transactions. Your Security Device will give you an extra layer of protection from a large variety of online threats.

The Security Device uses complex algorithms to generate and display random response codes. You then use these random response codes to authorise your transactions within Santander Connect. You can also choose your own PIN to protect your Security Device, making it even more secure.

Find out more information around using your security device.

Proven technology

Our service secures both your identity and finances by using the latest industry-trusted technology and practices to protect your account from any unauthorised access.

Secure online sessions

When you log in to Santander Connect, you need to be on a secure web page to protect your personal and security details. You'll know you're on a secure web page if the address begins with ‘https://' and a padlock symbol shows in the address bar.

Session timeouts

If you forget to log out of Santander Connect, or your computer is inactive for a short period of time during a session, our systems will automatically log you off.

Protecting you at log in

After a number of incorrect login attempts, well suspend your access to Santander Connect to protect it from any unauthorised access.

Online controls and functions

Within Santander Connect we offer a variety of user management and payment controls to add further flexibility in maintaining your security, without compromising your online banking experience.