Deposit Accounts

SantanderCB Deposit Accounts

Maximise your treasury management.

When you open a corporate account with Santander UK, we will do more than provide you with a convenient banking service. We want to ensure that you make the most of your surplus funds with our treasury management support.

That’s why our deposit accounts are transparently and competitively priced, and our range of instant access, notice, fixed-term and bonus accounts will help you make the most of your working capital and fulfil your treasury management needs. You’ll also have access to a dedicated relationship team focused on providing a comprehensive and dependable service.

Instant Access

With our Instant Access deposit accounts you can access your funds whenever you need them. 

You’ll also enjoy an attractive rate of interest without the need to tie up your funds, giving you all the benefits, but none of the commitment, of a long-term investment.  You can manage your account online and the minimum opening deposit is £1.

Bonus Account

Our Bonus Accounts also provide instant access to your funds whilst paying an additional bonus for each calendar month in which you don’t make a withdrawal. Funds are repatriated to your nominated account, and you will have access to a dedicated deposit specialist. You can also manage your account online and the minimum opening deposit is £50,000.

Notice Account

Our range of Notice Accounts allow you to benefit from higher rates of interest, providing the required notice period when you need to make a withdrawal. For your convenience, withdrawals are managed by your Relationship Manager. Funds are only repatriated to your nominated account, providing the security you need and you can also view your account online. The minimum opening deposit is £50,000.

Time Deposits

Rates for our Time Deposit accounts are fixed at the time you open the account, which means you know exactly what your interest rate will be. There are no limits on the number of Time Deposits you can hold and deposits are quick and simple to arrange over the phone. Various terms are available on request and there is a minimum opening deposit of £50,000. 

Client Account

For greater flexibility, we provide both designated and undesignated account options, so you can manage your clients’ funds in a way that suits both your business and your client’s. You can set up an unlimited number of Client Accounts, and run them as standalone accounts, or to complement your existing arrangements with us. The minimum opening deposit is £10,000.

Currency Deposits

Our Currency Deposit Accounts offer attractive rates of interest if you would like to deposit funds in either euros or US dollars. If you require instant access to your funds we have the Currency Call Deposit Account which offers same-day access to your funds and the ability to view your balance online. If you wish to tie up your funds for longer we also have a range of fixed term currency deposit accounts. There are no limits on the number of currency deposit accounts you can hold so long as you deposit in euro and US dollar only. The minimum opening deposit is equivalent to £50,000.

Key features

  • A range of secure, transparent deposit accounts to maximise your surplus funds and support your working capital
  • Competitively priced products with all the support you would expect from a quality banking service
  • A commitment to supporting you via your Relationship Director
  • Additional specialist support from a dedicated deposit specialist.