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A free online resource to help exporters both identify the best export opportunities and find the information and key contacts needed to achieve success.

A genuinely market-leading tool, the Santander Trade Portal is a free online resource. It's an innovative database of trade information designed to help SMEs both identify potential export markets and source all the information they need to target that market effectively.

Key features

With more branches in the world than any other bank and a strong local presence in 14 major countries, Santander is here to help companies in their global expansion by providing them with:

  • Over 100,000 importers in key countries
  • Around 60,000 suppliers
  • More than 40,000 trade shows
  • Over 1 million public and private tender worldwide
  • Import-export regulation information for 120 countries
  • Directory of potential customers, suppliers, and possible competitors
  • Currency converter including 147 international currencies, and information on the degree of market openings
  • Information on Santander products and services to help manage your foreign trade.

Note: Full access to the Trade Portal is available to Santander Corporate & Commercial customers. If you are not a Santander Corporate & Commercial customer, then some parts of the site will be restricted.

You can access the Santander Trade Portal from or contact your local Relationship Director or International Director to find out more and to arrange a demonstration of the portal. You can also try the Trade Portal Lite demo now to find your sector's biggest export opportunity.

Simply enter your country of interest to receive the latest market information, foreign trade figures and market trends, helping you target the most promising countries for your products and services.

With some unique features our Trade Portal can help you reach business counterparts by accessing our directory of importers and exporters in key markets. It also enables you to manage your international shipments and learn more about local customs procedures, costs and trade compliance issues, as well as information on calculating and optimising your shipping costs.

Combined with market analysis from a database of 147 overseas currencies and a range of international banking solutions to help make the most of your available capital, you’ll find everything you need to know about setting up a company abroad and managing your investments effectively.

International Award SME Market Innovation award

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