Trade Club

The Santander Trade Club, part of the Trade Club Alliance,  introduces Santander clients to a community of importers and exporters in over 50 countries to help them conduct business overseas.

Available to

  • Exclusively for Santander clients, the Trade Club is available to those wanting to expand their presence overseas.
  • Companies must have Santander Corporate & Commercial Online Banking to access the Santander Trade Club.

Key features

  • Community of importers and exporters, made up of existing Santander clients.
  • Customers of Santander Group can interact with each other and have access to business opportunities in over 50 countries.
  • As part of the Alliance, Santander Trade Club members can also have access to members from 12 other Banking Groups.
  • Access to value-added services for club members.
  • Identify business opportunities for your company with other Club members.
  • The Santander Trade Club is accessible from your Santander Online Banking log on via Santander Trade.
Trade portal

Building on the platform of Santander Markets, the Santander Trade Club will help companies develop international business and trade links. The Santander Trade Club brings together the community of business clients of the Santander Group and  Banking Groups of the Trade Club Alliance in over 50 countries so they can easily interact with each other and establish import and export links; and allow businesses to identify and access targeted opportunities through member connections.

Santander Trade offers a set-content, database and tools provided and managed by Export Entreprises S.A. Santander provides access to its client companies but is totally unrelated to the contents and services provided which are, fully, the responsibility of Export Entreprises S.A. Therefore, any incident related to the contents or services must be resolved between the user and Export Entreprises S.A.; with no involvement or responsibility from Banco Santander, S.A. or any of its subsidiaries.