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The Santander Trade Club introduces Santander clients to a community of importers and exporters in 14 countries to help them conduct business overseas.

Building on the platform of the Santander Trade Portal, the Santander Trade Club is a new initiative that will help companies develop international business and trade links. The Santander Trade Club brings together the community of business clients of the Santander Group across 14 countries so they can easily interact with each other and establish import and export links; and allow businesses to identify and access targeted opportunities through member connections.

The Santander Trade Club also offers access to additional exclusive services to its members such as training; webinars and virtual trade missions.

The Santander Trade Club is exclusive to Santander Corporate & Commercial customers and is now available for registration.

The Santander Trade Club is live for our customers to register as members.  Find out more about the Santander Trade Club.

Key Features:

  • Community of importers and exporters, made up of existing Santander clients
  • Business opportunities in 14 countries where customers from the Santander Group can interact with each other
  • Access to value-added services for club members 
  • Online seminars covering a wide range of trading topics
  • Identify the best business opportunities for your company with other Club members 
  • Exclusive offer for new members: 40 hours of free online course on International Trade for two employees at your company
  • The Santander Trade Club is accessible from your Santander Online Banking log on via the Santander Trade Portal.  


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Suitable for

  • All companies wanting to expand their presence abroad. 
  • Companies must have Santander Corporate & Commercial Online Banking to access the Santander Trade Club.


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