International Payments Tracker

Keep track of the payments you send and receive by simply logging on to your Connect Online Banking

Key features

  • Search the status of a SWIFT international payment in real time.
  • Check the processing time for each step.
  • See the total amount of fees taken and the banks that took the fees.
  • View the details of the payment.
  • Confirmation of a credit to the beneficiary’s account.
  • Ability to download the original payments message (known as MT103) and share the Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference as proof of payment.

Key benefits

  • Reduced back-office costs with improved predictability and certainty in payments processing.
  • Improved vendor and client relationship with better experience and faster payment investigation resolution
  • Optimised forecasting and liquidity management with inflight payment information.
  • Accelerated reconciliation of payments and receivables with invoices and purchase orders.
  • No additional fee, using the international payments tracker is free of charge. 

How does it work?

International Payments Tracker uses Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference (UETR), featured in all payment instruction messages carried over SWIFT. It provides visibility on the status of a transaction from the moment it is sent through until it is credited - in exactly the same way you can track a parcel from a courier.

Frequently asked questions

What is International Payments Tracker?

It’s a new service offered to Santander customers to inform them about the status of international payments. The service provides customers with a complete and real-time view of the status of their international payments, including confirmation when the payments have been credited to beneficiary bank.

Can I see the status of all my international payments?

The service shows information about payments sent through the SWIFT network under the SWIFT gpi solution. Other payments, like SEPA for instance, are not traceable with this tool. 

How is it possible to track a SWIFT payment?

The traceability of a SWIFT gpi payment is possible due to the Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference (UETR), a unique reference associated with each payment that doesn’t change in the entire payment cycle.

Which are the different statuses of a payment?
  • Completed. When the payment instruction has arrived with beneficiary bank/branch.
  • In progress. When the payment instruction still hasn’t arrived to the beneficiary bank/branch.
  • On hold. When the payment has been held for any reason by any bank during the payment cycle. It’s a temporary status.
  • Rejected. When the payment has been rejected for any reason by any bank during the payment cycle. It’s a final status.
Are all banks informing about the status of the payment?

Due to universal confirmation all banks connected to the SWIFT network must inform customers about the status of the payment.

I have ordered an international payment but I don’t see it in the tracker service.

In some cases, if the information stored in International Payments Tracker doesn’t match the information included in the SWIFT payment (MT 103), we may not be able find the payment. In this case, please contact your local support to try to resolve this issue and to know the status of the payment.

Is the status of the payment obtained in real time?

Yes, once you want to know the details of the payment status, the International Payments Tracker obtains the most up to date information that SWIFT has available to share with banks.