International payments and receipts

As a global bank, we are ideally placed to assist businesses with international trading.

Key features

  • Make and receive overseas payments electronically via SWIFT.
  • Raise a cheque in many major currencies.
  • Access foreign exchange services for most major currencies.
  • Pay foreign currency cheques into your account.
  • Open foreign currency accounts.
  • Track the status of the international payments you send and receive.

How we can help you

Our alliances with banks across the globe means we are well-placed to assist your international trading, whether you are taking your first steps overseas or already making high volumes of foreign currency transactions. So if you want to send or receive payments in foreign currency, electronically or by cheque, we can help. 

We can offer accounts in major currencies to help you manage your cashflow. We can also provide foreign exchange services. Our international payments facilities are available online, and our foreign exchange desk is staffed by experts who will help you buy or sell currency.

International Payments Tracker provides visibility on the status of an international payment from the moment it is sent through until it is credited - in exactly the same way you can track a parcel from a courier.

International payment fees and priority

Payments in Euro
CurrencyPriorityPayment fee(online)Payment fee(offline)Settlement (if submitted before cut off)Cut off time
EURSWIFT£17.00£27.00Same Day14:30
EURSEPA£0.20£5.00Next Working Day17:00


International payments in all other currencies
CurrencyPriorityPayment fee(online)Payment fee(offline)Settlement (if submitted before cut off)Further details on payment cut off times. 
USDSWIFT£17£27Same Day
AEDSWIFT£17£272 Working Days
AUDSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
CADSWIFT£17£27Same Day
CHFSWIFT£17£27Same Day
CNHSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
CZKSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
DKKSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
GBPSWIFT£17£27Same Day
HKDSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
HUFSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
ILSSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
INRSWIFT£17£272 Working Days
JPYSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
MADSWIFT£17£272 Working Days
MXNSWIFT£17£27Same Day
NOKSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
NZDSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
PHPSWIFT£17£272 Working Days
PLNSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
QARSWIFT£17£272 Working Days
RONSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
SARSWIFT£17£272 Working Days
SEKSWIFT£17£27Same Day
SGDSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
THBSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
TRYSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day
ZARSWIFT£17£27Next Working Day


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