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SantanderCB Tooling Funding

Our Tooling Funding solution can help your growing supply chain acquire new tools to support new contracts and products.

We know that manufacturers, particularly those in the automotive sector, may need financial support through periods of product innovation, when they need new tooling necessary for production.

We could help. We recognise that funding your business to buy tooling can be essential for growth.

When suppliers win contracts, we understand it can be difficult to pay for new equipment. The tooling will ultimately be owned by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and supply chain companies are only paid for the tooling by manufacturers once they start producing the components.

This can create a situation that risks sending tooling work abroad to countries where finance may be more easily obtainable. As the automotive sector becomes more successful, with increased volumes and models, this pressure only gets worse.

At Santander, we see tooling funding as a key part of delivering the cash flow requirements your business needs. Our expertise in the manufacturing sector allows us to provide this as part of our overall banking solution, helping UK manufacturers to prosper and grow.

For more information on how Santander Corporate Banking can help your business please contact your local Relationship Director or Manufacturing sector specialist.

Key features:

  • Flexible finance structure aligned to OEM contract and payment
  • Simple and straightforward finance, part of total working capital needs
  • Relationship Directors and Credit Partners with full understanding of the relationship with an OEM.

All lending is subject to status and lending criteria.

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Suitable for

  • All manufacturers involved in supply chains

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