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Discounted finance solutions for qualifying small and medium-sized businesses based in the UK.

We know how important it is to support business growth and also understand that businesses may need help in accessing alternative and lower cost sources of finance. Working with the European Investment Bank (EIB), we are able to extend a helping hand to small and medium-sized businesses that might otherwise struggle to achieve their financing goals.

With backing from the EIB and its subsidiary the European Investment Fund (EIF), we can offer UK-based qualifying businesses lower cost finance through the following Scheme

EIF InnovFin SME Guarantee Scheme

We’re taking part in the InnovFin SME Guarantee which is a scheme run by the European Investment Fund (EIF). This is to help support innovative small and medium sized businesses, with up to 499 employees, gain access to a source of lower cost finance. The scheme is available through selected intermediaries and we’re one of them.

How does the InnovFin SME Guarantee Work?

If your business takes finance from a bank or financial institution through the InnovFin SME Guarantee scheme, the EIF will cover us as the lender. They’ll do this by providing a guarantee on 50% of any loss we suffer (after the sale of any assets used as security for the loan) if you’re unable to repay the finance.

Loan terms range from one to five years and start at £25,001 to £5.3 million (indicative as at June 2015).

How could this help your business?

As we’re taking part in the scheme we can offer eligible businesses lower cost finance, saving you money over the term of the loan.

Is your business eligible?

Funding is available to businesses in a wide range of sectors. The scheme can be used to get a new loan for a variety of purposes but can’t be used to refinance existing debt. Some industry sectors are excluded from the scheme.

For more information on the EIF, just visit For details about InnovFin, including full eligibility criteria and excluded sectors please visit

Key features:

  • Lower loan rates are available to eligible businesses
  • Loan amounts range from £25,001 to £5.3 million (indicative as at June 2015)
  • Loan terms range from one to five years
  • Loans are to support research and innovation for purposes such as working capital, business acquisition and asset purchase

All lending under this scheme is supported by the InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility, with the financial backing of the European Union under Horizon 2020 financial instruments.


Applications are subject to status and the right to decline any application is reserved.

Any property used as security, which may include your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on the loan.



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