The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union, for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro.

We are able to offer UK customers the ability to send SEPA credit transfers, also known as SEPA payments.

Here’s what you need to know about this payment type:

  • SEPA payments benefit from next-day delivery to the beneficiary’s bank account (provided the payment has been submitted & authorised before the cut off time). For details please visit our international payments page.
  • Your beneficiary’s bank might only be payable through the SEPA clearing system, or your beneficiary might be charged less by their bank for receiving a SEPA payment.
  • SEPA payments cost no more than a domestic Bacs payment. For more information on fees visit our international payments page.
  • To instruct a SEPA payment you need to have the beneficiary’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN). You do not need to have the Bank Identifier Code (BIC).
  • When making an International payment on Santander Connect online banking, select euro as the currency, and then select ‘SEPA’ within the Priority field.