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A UK wide team of specialists are able to provide senior project finance debt of up to £30 million of project cost and access to expertise for UK businesses in the renewable energy sector.

At Santander UK, we have specialist regionally based professionals providing project finance debt for onshore wind farms and ground-mounted solar parks.
Santander UK has been funding renewable energy projects since 2004 and has now been expanded with dedicated specialists situated across the country. Our approach is based on listening to customer requirements and bringing innovative solutions to the table.
We offer project finance debt solutions ranging from £3 million to a maximum of £30 million for UK-based projects and we can participate and arrange larger multi bank syndicated facilities. Our project finance debt offering supports the developer and/or investor during the construction phase and covers up to a maximum of 80% of the total capital expenditure cost.  We try to minimise set-up costs by using trusted advisers and liaise closely with our treasury experts to make sure our customers address their interest rate, RPI and foreign exchange hedging requirements.

Our dedicated team has the in depth experience of funding renewable energy projects and have strong links with other professionals in the sector, including technical, legal and financial advisers. As a result, not only do we have the skills to deliver a funding solution to your project but we can also provide expert guidance through all stages of the financing process and deliver a cost effective solution.

Our facilities

  • Senior debt facilities sized over a 15 year operational period, but with a 10 year legal maturity following completion of construction.
  • Senior debt offering supports developer and/or investor during construction phase and covers up to a maximum 80% of the project costs 
  • Set up costs minimised by using trusted advisors 
  • Access to key decision makers 
  • Arrangement of and participation in syndicated facilities for larger projects 

Key features

  • An in-depth understanding and track record of funding in the renewable energy sector 
  • A commitment to building long-term relationships  
  • A dedicated local Relationship Director 
  • Links to other financial, legal and technical expertise 

Where Next?

Suitable for

Investment funds, private equity houses, corporate and commercial developers, farmers, landowners and estates looking to develop onshore wind farms or ground-mounted solar parks.


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