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18th May 2021

Pandemic impacts felt across the British economy

Our new research highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic has had very different impacts on individual parts of the UK economy.

British businesses look to new markets for export growth

Our latest research shows that North America, Oceania and Greater China are the favoured regions for UK businesses seeking export opportunities beyond the European Union (EU).

Building back better with digital

Our new research shows international trade is set to provide UK businesses with a route out of the difficulties they have faced over the past 12 months.

Case study

How chemicals companies will confront the green challenge

The chemicals sector will play a key role in the Government's new Green Plan as we work towards the net zero emissions target. The phrase 'natural capital' describes the stock of renewable and non-renewable resources ...

Case study

The benefits of an ethical business

Ethical policies can boost the bottom line, but it's important to clearly define goals and measure outcomes. Share this article linkedin twitter email An increasing number of businesses are adopting ethical trading ...