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Virtual Trade Mission connects 9 Northwest businesses with Beijing and Shanghai

China - Virtual trade mission with Bank of Shanghai - SantanderCB

On Monday 2 November, nine businesses from the Manchester took part in Santander’s first Virtual Trade Mission with Bank of Shanghai. The aim of the mission was to connect these businesses who all operate in the food and beverage sector, with four of China’s largest importers and distributors.  

The virtual trade mission took place over video conference. So each UK manufacturer pitched their products live to the Chinese businesses in Beijing and Shanghai. These UK businesses also go the chance to gain practical advice and insight into operating in the Chinese market. 

E-commerce solution provider, ecMAX, attended the mission and were able to give insight on how UK businesses can set up their online stores. After the video conference, the delegates heard from Ed Salt, Delamere Dairy, who has experience of doing business in China and he already works with two of the Chinese businesses involved in the mission. 

The products that were pitched span across the food and beverage sector and include seafood, baby foods, alcohol and energy drinks. The businesses hope to cash-in on the rising Chinese demand for imported food and drink products and the strength of the ‘Made in Britain’ label.  

Karl Bond, from Forest Gin, said, ‘The Virtual Trade Mission was excellent. As a small business who are looking to begin export to China, the morning at Santander was helpful, informative and certainly productive for Forest Gin.’

John Carroll, Head of Products and International Business, said, ‘This mission aims to take local UK businesses and connect them with International counterparts operating in their sector. Exporting should be a key growth strategy for ambitious UK businesses, and connectivity is key for that.’ 


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