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Trojan Electronics to Consolidate Premises and Create 118 New Jobs Following £2.5M in Funding

Swansea-based Trojan Electronics Ltd (“Trojan”), one of Europe’s largest services companies in the repair and refurbishment, multichannel e-commerce and sub-contract manufacturing sector, is to move to substantial new premises in Swansea following £2.5 million in funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial and the Welsh Government.

Swansea-based Trojan Electronics Ltd (“Trojan”), is to move to substantial new premises following £2.5 million in funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial and the Welsh Government. 

Established in 2002, Trojan counts the likes of Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Alliance-Boots, ASDA and W H Smith as clients.  The business has grown significantly and turnover is forecast to be £11.6 million for the year to March 2015. 

The move to bespoke new premises in Swansea will allow Trojan to consolidate its current operations and improve efficiency. The majority of the funding support - £2 million - is being provided by Santander Corporate & Commercial and will allow the business to continue its growth strategy, safeguard 110 jobs and create an additional 118 permanent jobs by March 2018. 

Malcolm Rash, the Finance Director of Trojan Electronics Ltd, said: “We currently operate out of seven leasehold units across three locations within Swansea, which is not efficient. The new building is a modern manufacturing facility and will significantly improve our efficiency levels. The funding and support from Santander has been invaluable and I’m excited to see what the future holds for our business.”

Andrew Williams, Relationship Director, Santander Corporate & Commercial, said: “We were delighted to provide funding to Trojan, which is an example of an excellent local Swansea business investing for its future growth. The move to the new premises will create a significant number of new jobs and I’m confident that this business will go from strength to strength.” 

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