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Top 5 tips on ‘Future Proofing your Business’

A recent Breakthrough masterclass hosted in conjunction with Crieff Hydro, Scotland’s leading leisure hotel, looked at future proofing your business whilst retaining the values that you believe in. Here are some of the key takeaways from the speakers on the day.

Your reputation is everything
Know who you are and be the best at everything you do. Deliver every part of what you do with confidence and let your own personality and style shine through. Your service may not be unique but your business is. 

Go your own way
Look at where you want be, know where you’re going and figure out how you’re getting there.  You’ll need to have an eye on the competition and your environment at all times but so long as you have strength of vision and a solid bunch of strategic objectives, you’ll get there.  

More is not always less
You don’t always need to have all your ducks in a row to expand and diversify?  Don’t miss opportunities that can create greater scope for growth and new revenue streams if it feels right. A successful business will always benefit from a leader who is able to seize and capitalise on these opportunities.  Look at gaps in the market and opportunities for your business to fill them, so long as it fits with your overall strategy and will create and not drain revenue streams.

Spread the love
Your team is your business.  Engage, excite, motivate, inspire and communicate with each individual. A happy employee is an engaged employee who will take the long (occasionally bumpy) journey with you and give you the support where you need it. 

The more committed your team is to the success of your business, the more successful your business will be. Grow a company culture which allows you to take people on your journey with you and realise your vision.

Grow the good and the great
Identify talent within the business and hold on to it!  Keep great people and make good people even better.  Recruiting external candidates to bolster and replace is a mechanical solution, and not as easy as it might seem but finding someone who embodies your company culture and values and do the job can be even more challenging.

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