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Scottish SMEs Predict 38% Growth Over the Next Five Years

Scottish SMEs Predict 38% Growth Over the Next Five Years

•    Senior decision makers from SMEs in Scotland predict average increase in turnover of 38% – the equivalent of £2.5 million – over the next five years, according to the 2015 Business Growth survey from Santander Corporate & Commercial1
•    Just over one in six (17%) of SMEs in Scotland plan to build their business internationally 
•    Nationally, SMEs in Great Britain predict 37% growth over the next five years

Senior decision makers from SMEs in Scotland are more optimistic than the national average, according to the latest Santander Corporate & Commercial Business Growth annual survey1. The research found that small and medium businesses with up to 249 employees in Scotland are predicting average turnover growth of 38%, the equivalent of £2.5 million, over the next five years.  

The survey suggests a strong outlook for short-term growth, with nearly half (46%) of Scottish based SMEs reporting growing the business organically as an immediate priority. Just over one in five (22%) would like to introduce new products or research and development into the business and, in positive news for the Scottish jobs market, around one in five (19%) Scottish SMEs plan to hire new staff in the near future.  

On a national level, senior decision makers from SMEs are predicting strong levels of growth over the next five years, with small and medium businesses with up to 249 employees predicting average turnover growth of 37%, the equivalent of £2.4 million, over the next five years.  

Small businesses in Great Britain are the most optimistic, forecasting an average increase in turnover of 69%. This compares to medium-sized businesses which are predicting an average increase in turnover of 25% over the next five years. 

The survival of their business, which was the top short-term priority in 20142 (57%), is now a priority for 30% of SME senior decision makers, suggesting more companies are now focusing on growth. More than a quarter (27%) of firms said they were focused on introducing new products while nearly a fifth (18%) said they were looking to hire new staff – compared to 12% who were prioritising this in 2014.

This improving business confidence is leading to more companies looking internationally for growth than any point in the last four years. Nearly one in five (18%) describe international expansion as the ultimate aim for their business compared to 6 per cent in 2014. Regional growth (23%) remains the most popular overall business aim for SMEs in Scotland, with passing it on as inheritance to family members also a popular aim (15%). In positive news for the Scottish export market, around one in six (17%) SMEs in the country plan to build their business internationally. 

Despite the strong optimism and renewed business confidence, businesses in Scotland still report facing challenges. A tough trading environment was seen as a challenge to growth, cited by 21% of respondents. The ability to hire and retain the right staff (13%) and access to capital (8%) also remain key challenges for businesses in the country.  

Graham Silcock, Regional Director, Scotland, Santander Corporate & Commercial, said: “It’s extremely encouraging for Scotland that SMEs, the lifeblood of the economy, are predicting such a strong level of growth over the next five years. We are particularly encouraged to see that international expansion and hiring new staff are two key aims for business leaders. 

“Santander is committed to helping businesses prosper and has been a consistent supporter of businesses in the UK, with lending over the last four years growing by an average of 9% per year. Our innovative Breakthrough product suite, which was upgraded earlier in 2015, is designed to support the UK’s most ambitious, fast-growing businesses while unique tools and services such as the Trade Portal and our Trade Missions have been designed to help more firms export and trade internationally.”

SMEs working in the hospitality and leisure industry are the most optimistic in terms of different business sectors, predicting an increase in turnover of 99% over the next five years. This is closely followed by retailers, who predict 85%. Those in the construction (27%), manufacturing (19%) and IT and telecoms industries (15%) are also forecasting significant growth over the next five years. 

In terms of the regional picture, while SMEs in the East Midlands are the most optimistic, SMEs in the North West and South East are the most conservative, forecasting 14% and 18% growth over the next five years respectively. 

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