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Santander Corporate & Commercial Named Headline Sponsor of the International Trade Forum

Santander Corporate & Commercial has become a headline sponsor of the International Trade Forum (“ITF”), a membership-based organisation focused on helping UK businesses and SMEs to export and trade internationally

Santander Corporate & Commercial has become a headline sponsor of the International Trade Forum (“ITF”), a membership-based organisation focused on helping UK businesses and SMEs to export and trade internationally. Established in 2005 by a group of managing directors who are all highly experienced in exporting and trading overseas, the ITF has been recognised by UKTI as well as a number of Chambers of Commerce for its efforts in the promotion of international trade.
The Yorkshire-based organisation helps and advises businesses via a wide range of initiatives: from networking events, workshops and seminars, to access to experts in international trade, and general news and information about how best to trade overseas and find international trading partners and suppliers. In addition to Forum events, the ITF also now undertakes trade missions overseas.
Encouraging and helping UK businesses to trade overseas is a core focus for Santander Corporate & Commercial, and its sponsorship of the ITF is part of a significant portfolio of initiatives, products and services the bank offers to UK SMEs and businesses looking to expand internationally. The Santander Trade Portal, for instance, is a unique online tool that lets business owners research global markets for their products, while the Santander Trade Club looks to link together likeminded SMEs from across the world. 
Jon Gillgrass, International Director, Santander said: “We are delighted to be supporting the International Trade Forum, an important and highly effective organisation focused on such a pivotal business issue. Its ethos and drive complements Santander’s dedication to UK businesses looking to better understand the enormous benefits of exporting and trading overseas. We are ramping up our focus on international trade in 2015 as we see this as one of the most significant drivers of the UK economy.”

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