Responsible Business Check Up

With social and environmental performance becoming more important for businesses, now is the time to assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses and to address the issues raised.

As part of the Breakthrough programme's objective to support SMEs as they strive to accelerate growth, Santander has partnered with Business in the Community to make it easier for small companies to evaluate their corporate responsibility strategy by using the structure of the 'Responsible Business Check Up'. Find out how an extensive evaluation of your business need not require a heavy commitment of resources and can help you not only sharpen your growth strategy but also give you a competitive edge.

What is the Check Up?

Developed by Business in the Community, the Responsible Business Check Up is a gap analysis and benchmarking tool designed to help small companies develop a strategic approach to corporate responsibility. It evaluates companies in six main areas, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and compares results with other similar-sized organisations.

It is a management tool that helps SMEs improve their social and environmental performance. The analysis identifies potential areas of competitive advantage and/or weakness.

An example feedback report can be found here.

The Check Up is designed for organisations, typically with more than 20 and less than 1,500 employees, in need of a light-touch assessment of their CSR performance without heavy resource commitment. For larger companies it can act as a stepping stone to the full Corporate Responsibility Index.


Each company gets a comprehensive feedback report, which includes:

  • An overall score and Key Performance Indicators, compared to the average scores for the business size and type
  • A quintile ranking, showing whether a business is leading its benchmarking group or lagging behind
  • A score for each question
  • Some prioritized recommendations of next steps for action

To get a feel for the type of questions asked, try our taster quiz.

Getting started

The survey takes approximately three hours and the feedback report is received within 30 minutes of submission of the survey. 


Companies with more than 50 employees = £250 + VAT
Santander-sponsored discounted rate for companies with less than 50 employees  =  £100 + VAT
These costs include two Check Up surveys in a 12-month period.

Next steps

Register for the Check Up

For queries or further information please contact Stephen Gee at Business in the Community (BITC) on  T: 0207 566 6624,  E:  Stephen.Gee@bitc.org.uk

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