International Health Check

Get the best out of exporting by taking advantage of a new service, the International Healthcheck, outlined by Martin Hodges, Head of Trade at Santander.

Whether your company is already exporting, or you are thinking about accessing opportunities offered by overseas markets, it is invaluable to have an independent, expert eye to assess current and future priorities.

International Healthcheck is a service offered by Santander free of charge to new or existing customers. “What we want to do is talk to customers about their businesses so we can gain an in-depth understanding of their objectives and give them the benefit of our knowledge in this area,” says Martin. “Tell us how your business is run, how you currently export, whether you have considered different methods or solutions in exporting, and we can then advise on how to approach this in the future.”

There are a number of government support schemes available, which Santander’s Trade Export Specialists can also provide guidance on during the Healthcheck. Adds Martin: “There is a lot of confusion and cross-over with these schemes – we can cut through all this to highlight which is most suitable for a particular business, making the application process as simple and straightforward as possible.”

Fluctuation and uncertainty in the Euro-zone means exporting to Europe can currently seem daunting, with changing trade terms meaning some companies are unsure where to focus. Santander’s Trade Export Specialists have particular expertise and knowledge of which markets are best suited to which industries, and the issues, challenges and considerations involved in trading internationally. “There is no obligation whatsoever on the businesses which access this service,” says Martin, “but we are happy to recommend a suite of products which can help to underpin the aims we identify from the Healthcheck.

“The main benefit is accessing our expertise and insight into how exporting can help a company to grow and access new opportunities. We want to make things very easy for clients, and are always delighted to sit down with them and find out about what they want to achieve.”

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