Deep Hairdressing to Buy Fourth Salon Following £63,000 in Funding from Santander

Teesside-based Deep Hairdressing Ltd is set to add a fourth salon to its chain , with the help of £63,000 funding from Santander.

Teesside-based Deep Hairdressing Ltd is set to add a fourth salon to its chain and add further staff, with the help of £63,000 funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial.  

Established in 2006 by experienced hairdressers Nigel Baylin and Sarah Hunt, Deep Hairdressing currently has three salons in the Teesside area. Nigel has been in the hairdressing business for a number of years and has good experience in running the business with Sarah, who is an experienced hairdresser. Their business model has focussed on combining award winning stylists with luxurious yet convenient locations. 

The funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial will be used to purchase Artemis NE, a pre-existing salon in Yarm, both securing the roles of the current staff at the salon and offering additional local employment opportunities for high quality hairdressers in the region.

Nigel Baylin, Founder of Deep Hairdressing, said: “We are delighted to be opening our new salon, which is based in the affluent market-town of Yarn, ideally positioned to provide further growth to the business. Santander has been a great support in the latest phase of our expansion of the Deep brand.”

Vanessa Collins, Relationship Director, Santander Corporate & Commercial, said: “We are pleased we have been able to help such a promising business in the latest phase of its expansion, which will help provide jobs for the local community.”

Paul Griffiths, Director at Marlin Commercial Ltd who advised Deep Hairdressing Ltd on its latest acquisition, commented: "Nigel, Sarah and the team are growing a strong brand locally with Deep. They employ and train some fantastic, talented stylists, who regularly work on top events in London and have positioned themselves in a niche market, offering a high quality service at a great price. The latest move into Yarm High Street will, I'm sure, prove successful".
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