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Cranage EMC set for Global Growth with move to Market Drayton Premises

Shropshire-based Cranage EMC Testing Ltd (“Cranage”), a leading provider of electrical product testing and certification solutions for manufacturers in the UK and abroad, is to purchase new premises and expand following £540,000 in funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial.

Shropshire-based Cranage EMC Testing Ltd (“Cranage”), is to purchase new premises and expand following £540,000 in funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial. 

Cranage was founded in 1992 by husband and wife team Keith and Pauline Richens, who form the current management team along with their son Mark. The firm has become one of the leading participants in its market by offering its clients accredited testing facilities for a wide range of products, from baby toys to highly sophisticated medical and laboratory equipment. 

Following a period of strong growth, the business has now outgrown its current leased premises and will use the funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial to move into a bespoke, freehold property in Market Drayton, Shropshire. Keith and Pauline are also looking to expand further internationally. 

Pauline Richens, Joint-Founder, Cranage EMC Testing Ltd, said: “We are working closely with UKTI and Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, as well as using Santander’s Trade Portal and other tools, to better understand trade opportunities and learn more about overseas markets. Following our appointment as an Authorized Testing Facility for products exported to Canada and North America, it became clear that our facilities needed to improve in order to develop our accreditation in line with the concept of worldwide product approval and so we felt it was time to purchase our own freehold premises.  The funding and support from Santander has been invaluable and we are excited about this next phase of growth.” 

Matthew Smith, Relationship Director, Santander Corporate & Commercial, said: “Cranage EMC Testing is an example of a family business which has been built completely from scratch by a dedicated, ambitious couple. A key future objective for the business is to remain as diverse as possible, ensuring regular income streams from a range of areas, and we are confident the new headquarters, once complete, will provide plenty of room for growth and give the business scope to expand.”

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