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Connecting with customers - how to make your voice heard

How do you communicate with, and listen to, customers to involve them emotionally with your brand?

How do you communicate with, and listen to, customers to involve them emotionally with your brand? The business leaders below have developed ways to engage their customers in order to learn more about them and their opinions as a way of building better connectivity. 

Luke Eales, CMO of car insurance provider Ingenie, shares how they use technology to reward good driving.

  • ‘Customer connection is key and not just when it’s time to renew or make a claim. We give feedback on driving style every 10 days, which generates engagement – on average, customers check their Ingenie app 14 times per month. 
  • By building authentic consumer engagement into our business model we have reduced our customers’ risk of crashing by 40% compared with the national average.
  • Happy customers make great salespeople – if your product has shareability, positive stories are more likely to spread. Mobile push notifications, fresh online content and regular social activity all build relationships and keep customers on your side.’

Becky Campbell, MD of Reflect Digital, which provides digital marketing solutions comments: 

  • ‘We believe selling is about education, not a hard sales message. We present at events and hold masterclasses to inform potential customers and showcase our passion and expertise.
  • We see pitches as an opportunity to educate – our in-depth research and competitor analysis makes our offering unique to each client. This strategy means we attract great clients that stay with us for the long term.’  

Jay Ball, MD at DataKom, a business telephone and telecom supplier adds:

  • ‘We involve our customers in product development by holding regular open days at our offices. Customers can network and socialise, but also share feedback on our services.’ 

Alison Edgar, MD of Sales Coaching Solutions concludes:

  • ‘Be the ‘go-to person’ for your clients – put them in touch with other businesses, share their social media posts and build relationships that may not benefit you directly but will benefit your reputation.’ 

Customer engagement is essential for understanding your audience and their expectations of your brand. Keep messages clear and consistent and integrate them throughout your business as well as selecting the most suitable channels to connect with your audience.    

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