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Coalville-Based Winbro Group Technologies to Increase Exports Following New Funding

Coalville-based Winbro Group Technologies (“Winbro”), a world leader in the design and manufacture of machine tools for the aerospace and land-based power industry, is to target further export-led growth in the US following a £5 million export funding facility from Santander Corporate & Commercial in conjunction with UK Export Finance.

Coalville-based Winbro Group Technologies (“Winbro”) is to target further export-led growth in the US following a £5 million export funding facility from SCCB in conjunction with UK Export Finance.

For the past 30 years, Winbro has established a very strong name across the world for its high quality, precision-engineered machines and products: non-conventional machining processes provided include electro discharge machining, electro chemical machining and laser drilling, cutting and ablation. The firm, which has been awarded The Queen's Award for Enterprise (International Trade), has become a true UK export success story, with international trade currently accounting for around 75% of turnover.

The £5 million facility from Santander Corporate & Commercial and UK Export Finance will assist in Winbro’s expansion into the US gas turbine market. The firm has recently expanded its premises in the UK and hired more staff to accommodate growth and is forecasting increased revenues in 2015 off the back of strong exports.

Tim Barnett, Financial Director, Winbro Group Technologies, said: “Winbro’s strong focus on the highest quality engineered products means we continue to see strong demand from clients both in the UK and internationally. I’m delighted that in an increasingly globalised economy, Winbro is able to compete and grow and I’m confident that the firm will enjoy a strong future. The funding support from Santander and UK Export Finance is an important part of our financing strategy to support the company’s growth in the US.”

Sarah Bryant, Relationship Director, Santander Corporate & Commercial, said: “We are very pleased to be able to support such a strong and successful UK company as it looks to increase further its international presence. Santander’s extensive experience of international trading means we are very well placed to help firms such as Winbro to maximise opportunities from exporting.”

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