Marcelino Castrillo

Britain’s businesses have got talent

Marcelino Castrillo, Managing Director of Commercial Banking at Santander UK, explains why people are the most important part of any business.

The National Business Awards 2012

I recently attended the National Business Awards event and felt privileged to be in the same room as the most talented and prestigious people in British business. Sitting with chief executives and management from so many successful organisations really brought home to me the importance of talent to the success of any business.

Congratulations to Trunki

The prize for the Santander Small to Medium-Sized Business of the Year went to Trunki, a worthy winner from one of the evening’s most highly contested categories. I’d like to offer my congratulations to Trunki, which will be featured in next month’s issue of Business Up Close. Trunki has focused on building a strong, dedicated and highly trained team which I think has been instrumental to its success.

What talent means to us

Nurturing and growing talent is very important at Santander. We believe a key part of our success lies in reflecting the communities in which we operate, so we aim to create a workforce and culture which is representative of the communities where our operations are based. Our priority is to put the customer at the centre of everything we do and to this end we are constantly striving to support our staff, to help embed the behaviours we want demonstrated to our customers.

How our business customers benefit

Our support often directly helps businesses in either retaining or attracting new talent, so they can build on current levels of success. For instance, Avondale Vets received funding to expand its equine and small animal business, building up its specialism and reach in the field. Tim Caldwell, Director at Avondale Veterinary Group, said: “We plan to recruit staff specialised to help us on this new journey. The team at Santander really took the time to get to know our business and design the right funding package for our needs.”

People are important

The current recruitment market is a difficult place for businesses and potential employees. Although there are more people in the marketplace, there is still stiff competition to secure those with the most valuable skills. How can you attract the people who will help you take your business forward and then keep them from moving elsewhere? This generation of employees is more demanding, requiring a better work-life balance and opportunities for career progression. If you can supply what they are looking for, and create a flexible and encouraging working environment, you will surely see the benefits in the performance of your business long into the future.

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