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An ongoing survey conducted by Santander in conjunction with The Manufacturer publication is looking at companies' attitudes to exporting, its challenges and opportunities.

Charles Garfit, head of Manufacturing, Santander Corporate Banking, says that although the first quarter of 2016 painted a gloomy picture for the UK's manufacturing industry, statistics actually show that large pockets of British industry appear to be defying expectations.

Garfit identifies automotive as one sector doing well, as he witnessed first-hand recently when attending an event at Jaguar Land Rover.

He also says companies in the aerospace sector report that their order books are extremely strong and even the steel industry continues to make products in demand by international markets. Indeed, he sees the oil and steel sectors as very cyclical, and therefore expects current concerns to soon abate.

Garfit previously ran an SME consulting business himself, both in the UK and overseas, giving him a unique insight into the opportunities available to businesses generally, the daily hurdles they face, and the difficulties involved in seeking to expand into new markets, and into exporting in particular.


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