'Barbadosh' Caribbean Island is Most Expensive Place to Visit

British people visiting Barbados will feel a particularly nasty sting in their wallets this summer, having to fork out an average of £109 a day in spending money

•    Barbados and UAE cost Brits more than £100 per day in spending money
•    Poland and India cheapest – just £30 per day average
•    Busiest holiday week is 27 July when 2m Brits will jet off abroad
•    One third of people make cutbacks to afford a summer vacation

British people visiting Barbados will feel a particularly nasty sting in their wallets this summer, having to fork out an average of £109 a day in spending money – not including the cost of a hotel – according to new research from Santander 1|2|3 Credit Card.
And with a direct return flight to the Caribbean island costing an average of £3,1362 – flying out on 27 July, the busiest week of the summer3 – a couple going away for two weeks could expect to pay around £12,9004 for their summer holiday, once accommodation is included.

Close behind as the second most expensive place is the United Arab Emirates, where British tourists can expect to pay £101 a day – on top of return flights costing an average of £617 – meaning a couple’s two-week break departing on 27 July could cost them £5,400.

And since 2010, the daily costs of visiting Barbados and the UAE have risen by an average of 36.5%, up from £79 per day in Barbados and £75 per day in the UAE. 

By contrast, Poland and India are two of the cheapest places to go, with UK visitors spending an average of £30 per day in both countries.

Matt Hall, Director of Banking at Santander, said: “Flights and hotels are a major expense on their own, particularly for families travelling in the peak school holiday period, and that’s even before you get to your destination and have to pay for meals out and so on.  Depending on where you're going daily costs could vary significantly, so bear this in mind when budgeting for your holiday.”

Additional research3 by Santander has found that more than two million people are expected to jet off overseas during the week of 27 July, the most popular week for people to go on holiday.

How we pay to go away
Sixty-four percent of Brits are planning a summer trip this year and when asked how they planned to pay for it, cash and current account funds were by far the most popular option (cited by 60%). Just under a third (30%) of those planning a summer holiday will dip into their savings, 18% will use a credit card and eight per cent will either take a loan or receive money from friends or family.

Matt Hall continues: “If you're looking to spread the cost of a holiday it’s worth considering paying by credit card.  One of the main upsides to this is that your purchase, if it’s between £100 and £30,000, is protected by law should anything go wrong with your airline or hotel company, for example.  This is called Section 75.”    

Santander’s research also highlights the cutbacks many people have made in order to afford a break this summer. Over a third (36%) of all Brits will cut back on social activities such as meals out to help pay for their trip, while 19% will spend less on personal grooming.

Santander’s 1|2|3 Credit Card pays 1% cashback at supermarkets, 2% cashback at department stores and 3% cashback at petrol stations, National Rail and Transport for London travel. It is available from Santander branches, online and by telephone.  For further information please visit www.santander.co.uk.


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Notes to Editors

Table 1: Most expensive countries for British people to visit based on average daily spend and % change 2010 – 2014

Source: Santander analysis of ONS Travel Trends 2014

Table 2: Most common cutbacks British people make to afford their summer holiday

Source: Opinium research for Santander

(1)    ONS Travel Trends 2014. Spending money covers money spent in association with overseas travel and tourism, but excludes fares for travel to or from the UK. For example, food, drink, car hire, museum tickets etc.
(2)    Figures sourced via Expedia.com on 30 June 2015 and assumed to be purchased on that date. Flight costs are economy return direct from London for two people.
(3)    Research commissioned by Santander and conducted by Opinium Research 9-12 June 2015. Sample size 2,000+ UK adults.
(4)    Total cost includes standard economy return flights for two, and four-star hotel accommodation.

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