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The Trailblazers research reveals that 74% of high-growth companies already trade internationally or plan to do so in the coming 12 months, compared with 63% of lower-growth firms.

A strong, ongoing commitment to investment in technological innovation as well as research and development is a crucial factor that clearly sets the UK’s high-growth businesses apart from their rivals.

High-growth companies understand the power of strong leadership. They are led by management teams which have a clear vision for success and a strategy for achieving that vision. These inspiring leaders are able to communicate their ambitions to their colleagues, working collaboratively with all staff to execute on their plans.

Ethos Partners has acquired a majority equity interest in Miles 33 Group Ltd, a leading supplier of digital publishing solutions, in a secondary management buyout in a disposal by Ares Capital.

At a recent event, representatives from Britain’s leading manufacturers were joined by expert speakers to discuss the needs of businesses in the sector, as well as the blueprint for an ecosystem of support that could help accelerate growth in domestic and international markets.

Growing numbers of businesses are unnerved by the ongoing uncertainties of Brexit and geopolitics, the latest Santander Trade Barometer research reveals, suggesting they would benefit greatly from more advice and practical support.


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