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If you have a strong brand with lots of loyal customers, there is potential to build revenues through affiliate marketing – generating sales for other brands or advertising on third-party websites

Some of the world’s best-known brands – McDonald’s, Pizza Hut – are franchises. What is less well-known is that this route can be an effective path to growth for many kinds of scalable businesses.

Managers should sense-test their business plans and financial projections to ensure they have the financial headroom that will enable them to cope with unexpected events.

Find out what benefits you can use to attract and retain the most valuable employees.

Can you explain your business in less than a minute? The answer should be ‘yes’. The discipline of summing up your company in a few well-chosen words can help you not only raise funds, but also think more clearly about your business.

Flexible working – the idea that you can work any time, any place – is an attractive one. But how do you make it work for your business?


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