Tim Hinton reflects on 2018

I recently joined Santander as Head of Corporate and Commercial Banking here in the UK. It’s been wonderful to hear the consistent and very strong feedback that we get from customers on our service and our genuine interest and desire to help businesses prosper and deliver on their ambitions.

tim hinton

tim hintonInternational opportunity

Our International proposition – focused on offering a deep, holistic and tailored approach to each customer rather than just a transactional one – is more important than ever to ambitious businesses looking to expand abroad, including to new markets outside the European Union.

Our Trade Barometer research clearly shows that businesses want to be better supported as they look to trade in unfamiliar but potentially lucrative parts of the world. This is why this year we’ve involved more than 300 UK businesses in nearly 70 ‘connectivity’ events, designed to connect them to overseas opportunities. This includes taking them on Trade Missions to markets such as Brazil, the UAE and China to explore trading opportunities and help provide valuable insight on how to trade in these different jurisdictions.

I’m excited to hear how beneficial these have been in helping UK businesses to secure new overseas contracts.

Supporting your businesses’ ambitions

We’re also committed to supporting high growth businesses. One way we do this is through our innovative Growth Capital solution, which has already helped nearly 150 businesses expand.

We also understand that no two businesses are the same and each sector or industry poses unique opportunities and challenges. Whether you're a food manufacturer, a real estate investor or a transport and logistics company, we have dedicated teams that understand your challenges and can help provide both insight and solutions to your unique business needs.

Positive feedback

It’s great to see that our customers are feeling the benefit of our approach. In the latest Charterhouse survey, which researches corporate customer satisfaction and feedback about their banks, we’re eight percentage points above the market average. We’ve also remained in first position for Net Promoter Score, the index used to measure the willingness of a customer to recommend our products or services, for four consecutive quarters now.

I look forward to continuing and further building long term partnerships with existing customers while welcoming new ones to the bank.

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