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I recently joined Santander as Head of Corporate and Commercial Banking here in the UK. It’s been wonderful to hear the consistent and very strong feedback that we get from customers on our service and our genuine interest and desire to help businesses prosper and deliver on their ambitions.

More than 60 delegates from Britain’s leading manufacturers, small and large, attended Santander Corporate & Commercial’s inaugural Manufacturing Industry Day in Staffordshire in October 2018. Combining their knowledge with insights from expert speakers, they identified technology and talent as the keys to promoting productivity.

Common perceptions of UK manufacturing are outdated. The idea that Britain’s manufacturers are dirty, old-fashioned businesses with a dwindling share of the global marketplace could not be more wrong: the UK manufacturing industry is the world’s ninth largest, it employs more than 2.7 million people across the country, and accounts for 69% of research and development spending in the UK.

Real estate investment has never been without risk, but for investors around the world, the UK market has always held great potential. However, many are only just realising the potential of the industrial sector. According to recent research by CBRE, £2.9 billion worth of transactions have already been completed in 2018.

More than 60 delegates attended Santander Corporate & Commercial’s inaugural Manufacturing Industry Day in Staffordshire. Representatives from Britain’s leading manufacturers, small and large were joined by expert speakers where they shared their insights on how to deal with the challenges of Brexit.

China is now the eighth top export destination for UK food & drinks products and our November 2018 trade mission set out to help businesses access this fast-growing market.


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