Client stories

At Santander we recognise that whilst every business owner we work with is unique, our approach is always the same: to develop individually tailored solutions and build long-term relationships.

Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd

A poor relationship with its previous bank was stifling potential for outdoor clothing company Equip Outdoor Technologies. Santander’s fresh approach to seasonal cashflow issues led to a new purchase and annual growth of 30%

Norbev Ltd

With sales linked to seasonality, Norbev Ltd. needed to think of other ways to increase year-round profitability, and find a bank willing to invest the capital

Advanced Insulation PLC

Unhappy with the lack of understanding shown by its bank, Advanced Insulation found a more understanding approach to funding with Santander

Vickers Laboratories

This chemicals manufacturer is now more adaptable thanks to funding and support from Santander.

Croft Associates

Santander’s willingness to grasp a complex industry proved a crucial factor for Croft Associates in winning a transformational contract

Macleod Construction

MacLeod Construction continues to build its business with Santander who recognises the importance of its business practices.


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