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Am I a Payment Service Provider?

The term “Payment Service Provider” refers broadly to businesses that make electronic payments on behalf of their customers. This includes businesses who are authorised payment institutions (API) and small payment institutions (SPI). It also includes electronic money institutions (EMI) and small electronic money institutions (SEMI) who make payments and can also issue electronic money. Registered Account Information Service Providers are also Payment Service Providers, though they don’t make payments. The definition of Payment Service Provider also includes some EEA and non-EEA organisations, who are able to provide services in the UK under certain circumstances.

Santander UK would like to hear from you if you’re a Payment Service Provider or have applied to become a Payment Service Provider.

Payment Service Provider Description Payment Service Provider Designation
Payment Services Businesses / Payment Institutions

There is an overlap between the definition of a Payment Institution and that of a Money Service Business (MSB). These can be HMRC licenced and/or have one of the following FCA designations: Authorised Payments Institution (API), Small Payments Institution (SPI). EEA API can also operate in the UK in certain circumstances.

Electronic Money Businesses (E-Money) E-Money businesses may issue and store value electronically and may also conduct payment services as does an API. EEA and non-EEA EMI with at least a branch in the EEA can operate in the UK in certain circumstances.
Registered Account Information Service Provider (RAISP) Means a company permitted only to request information, with customer consent, on one or more payment accounts held by that customer with one or more payment service providers. EEA RAISP can operate in the UK in certain circumstances.
Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP)

PISP describes a business that, with a customer’s consent, will send an instruction to that customer’s account provider requesting a payment be made to a third party.

Entities that wish to act as a PISP must be registered or authorised with a status that permits payment initiation services.

Other Payment Service Providers

There are a number of other organisations that are Payment Service Providers, including: Credit Institutions (this means an EEA undertaking whose business is to receive deposits or other repayable funds from the public and to grant credits for its own account); The Post Office; and in certain circumstances the following: EEA Central Banks; EEA Governments; and EEA Regional Authorities.

How do I contact Santander?

If you are a Payment Service Provider, or have applied to become a Payment Service Provider, and would like more information on our products, criteria, and processes please email with the following information:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Your organisation name, sector, and address
  • Your approximate annual business turnover (your sales rather than your customer payment turnover)
  • Your FCA registration or authorisation details (if applicable)
  • The products / services that you are interested in

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