Guide to borrowing

Available to

  • SMEs thinking of applying for finance for growth
  • Businesses that have had applications declined.

If your finance application is turned down, don’t give up on funding you can appeal the decision or explore other options.

How do I appeal?

You can either submit the appeal directly to your relationship contact, or complete the Santander online appeal form accessible from Better Business Finance website. Your appeal form will be forwarded to Santander; and any information you supply will be subject to the data protection protocols.

The appeals process

Appeals are dealt with promptly and taken seriously: when an appeal is raised, the decision will be reviewed by a second person from within the bank who was not involved in the original decision. Santander will consider all the information originally provided and ask for more where we think it is necessary. We don’t want to keep you waiting for a decision, which is why the result of the appeal will be communicated to you in writing within 28 days.

If lending is still declined after an appeal, Santander will provide information on alternative sources of finance that may be more appropriate or provide support in another form, such as putting you in touch with a business mentor.

How do we know the appeals process works?

An external Independent Reviewer – Professor Russell Griggs – oversees the appeals process and and is supported by a team of external auditors.

Request a referral

If we decline your application, you have the right to request a referral within 30 days to a Government Designated Finance Platform who will seek to match your business’ needs with the most suitable lender for your circumstances. Learn more on how to request a referral.

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