AppInstitute Masterclass

AppInstituteAppInstitute – 18 May 2017 – Nottingham

Closing date – 2 May 2017

AppInstitute provide a simple way for SMEs to create and manage their own smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices without writing a single line of code. 

They solve a significant and growing problem by removing both the technical and financial barriers of entry for SMEs into the mobile app market. 

The easy to use App Builder platform enables small businesses to leverage the power of mobile marketing to improve their business’s growth and efficiency with TLC by driving transactions, encouraging loyalty and streamlining Communications through customers' preferred device, the smartphone.

Founded in 2011, AppInstitute’s central operations are based out of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter. They have grown to over 30,000 customers using their App Builder platform to create mobile apps, with partners and end-client businesses in 138 countries across 6 continents.

Working with AppInstitute, and as part of our commitment to SMEs, we are offering your business the opportunity to attend a Masterclass held at AppInstitute to learn how you can improve your online presence, harness the power of mobile technology and create your own app to keep you ahead of your competition. This will be held at their premises in Nottingham

We are looking for highly ambitious businesses who have been trading for a minimum of two years and have plans to increase customer base, employ more people and expand to new markets in the next 12 months. This masterclass will suit companies from the hospitality, wellness and retail sectors.

There are 15 places available to ambitious SMEs and there is one place available to each SME. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in applying for an exclusive place on this AppInstitute Masterclass, please contact your local Relationship Director for more information or apply online


09:30 - Arrival and welcome, tea/coffee reception

10:00 - Welcome to AppInstitute. 

10:15 - Digitisation of SMEs. Growth of digital and the importance of online marketing practices.

10:30 - Mobile Marketing Landscape and Strategies. Why mobile is now a huge part of digital marketing.

11:00 - Break

11:15 - Best Use Cases for SME Apps. Overview of best practices when building your own app.

11:40 - Building Your Own App : Appearance & Branding.

12:00 - Lunch Break

13:00 - Building Your Own App : Content.

14:15 - Publishing to the AppStores & Managing your App. App Store Optimisation, how to measure success, analytics, CRM

14:30 - Break

14:45 - App Marketing - 30 Day Success Plan

15:15 - Push Marketing: Best use cases & examples, how to use

15:45 - Summary and Q&A

16:00 - Close


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