Making withdrawals from your account

When it comes to withdrawing money from your account, we have a range of convenient options.

Electronic withdrawals

Where applicable, you can make withdrawals via electronic transfer (Bacs, CHAPS and Faster Payments) to another bank account.

Cash Machine

You can withdraw cash up to £250 a day, seven days a week, from any cash machine that has a LINK symbol. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be issued to you and will enable you to use this service.

Post Office®

You can also make cash withdrawals of up to £250 at the Post Office®. Simply hand over your card to the clerk who will ask you to key in your PIN to authorise the transaction. Your card will be returned to you along with your cash and a receipt. If you require cash withdrawals of a higher amount on a regular basis then this can be arranged in advance by speaking to your Relationship Director to have your daily card limit amended.

One off cash withdrawals above your card limit – current accounts only

If you need to withdraw a cash amount that is higher than your card limit on a single occasion, then please contact the Santander Corporate Office on 0151 298 6520 to arrange a withdrawal at your nominated Post Office®. You can make withdrawals either by cheque or by using your cash withdrawal card. Whichever method you use, you will need to take some personal identification with you when you go to the Post Office®.