Payments (inc making and stopping)

  • Making payments
  • Stopping a payment
Making payments

Santander Connect gives you the control to manage your cash flow through using a range of different payment facilities, whether transferring funds between your own accounts or sending foreign currency abroad.

When making a payment using Santander Connect, we will require the following details:

  • Your name and account number
  • The amount you’d like to transfer
  • The account number and sort code you would like to transfer money to
  • The beneficiary’s name and reference number (if applicable).
Phone or fax

Any instruction received after the specified cut-off times will not be processed until the following banking day. Please see the cut-off time table at for more information here.

Unfortunately, transferring by phone is not possible when more than one signatory is needed for authorisation.

Santander Corporate & Commercial Bacstel-IP – current accounts only

Should you need to process large Bacs payment files (greater than 250 payments per month) our Bacstel-IP solution, delivered in association with our payments solution provider Fundtech, provides a highly flexible and cost-effective way to manage your payments. Please speak to your Relationship Director for more details.

Same day payments

Should you need to transfer payment to another bank on the same day, this can be completed electronically via Faster Payments (£250,000 and under) or by CHAPS.

  • Payments of less than £250,000 can be made using the Faster Payment service which is available online and allows for the same day transfer of funds to other banks.
  • CHAPS payments can be made via your online banking service. Instructions will need to be received by 5.35pm for the payment to be made the same day. Please see the cut-off time table at for further information.
  • CHAPS payments can also be made via fax (excluding Client Deposit Accounts). To ensure the transfer is completed on the same day faxes will need to be received by 2.40pm. To complete a CHAPS transfer fax 0151 966 3215.
Bankers’ drafts

A bankers’ draft is perfect if you need to physically hand over a payment. Just send us a fax on 0845 605 3675, telling us who you would like it made payable to and details of the amount.

Please note that the instruction needs to be authorised in line with the account mandate. Faxes received before 3pm will be processed the same day. We will prepare a bankers’ draft for you and return it by registered post.

Please be advised that once a bankers’ draft has been prepared it cannot be stopped. Please note that there is a charge for preparing a bankers’ draft.

Stopping a payment

To stop a payment for example Direct Debit or a payment you have arranged yourself, please contact the Santander Corporate Office on 0151 298 6520.


If you need to stop a cheque we will require the following information:

  • Cheque number
  • Amount
  • Date
  • Payee details.

Please let us know as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of the payment being stopped. We will always do our best to stop a payment, but cannot always guarantee to do so, for example Faster Payments cannot be stopped once they have been instructed.

Please note that standing orders, Direct Debits and other payments can only be stopped if:

  1. it has not already been paid from your account; or
  2. no commitment has been given to the payee’s bank that the payment will be made; or
  3. you have given us adequate notice.