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Standard Domestic Payments (Faster Payments)

What type of standard domestic payments can I make in Santander Connect?

Santander Connect allows you to make same day and future dated faster payments as well as CHAPS payments

What are faster payments?

Launched in 2008, over 85% of phone and online payments are processed via faster payments. Faster payments enable you to send online payments quickly and at the touch of a button. Payments up to £250,000 can be sent via faster payments and beneficiaries usually receive the funds immediately.

How do I make a Faster Payment?

Faster payments are made from the Payments tab in Connect;

  • Step A.  Go to the ‘Payments’ tab and select ‘Make a Payment’ from the left-hand menu.  Select ‘Standard ‘from within the Domestic Payments section.
  • Step B.  Enter the Payment details (debit account, payment date, and payment amount and debit reference).  
  • Step C.  Enter the Beneficiary details (Beneficiary name, beneficiary account and credit reference).
  • Step D. Review and ensure the payment details are correct, then press ‘Make Payment’ at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Step E.  Check all details are correct and click ‘Confirm Payment ‘at the bottom of the screen. 

Please note that this payment will not be made until it is authorised.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

The Summary Standard Payment screen confirms that your payment instruction has been entered successfully. If authorisation is required on your account, the payment will be pending and must be authorised before it can be processed by the Bank. When the payment has been authorised and processed, it will appear immediately on your account statement.

When do future dated payments expire?

A future dated payment (of any type) will expire if not fully authorised before the cut off time of that payment type on the day prior to the specified payment date

For example. A future dated Faster Payment made on 3rd December with a Payment Date of 6th December must be fully authorised by 23:55pm on 5th December. Please note this impacts all types of payment and applies to the specific payment type cut off times.

Expired payments can be easily be edited from the Payment Authorisation screens and re-submitted for authorisation with a valid payment date.

What are the faster payment cut off times?

The cut off times for domestic and international payments can be found here.

Simply select your payment type (Domestic or International) and follow the instructions on screen.

Can I cancel a payment I have made?

A payment can be cancelled during creation and before it is authorised by clicking Cancel. You will need to use your security device to cancel the payment.

If the payment date is today the payment will need to be cancelled before the payment is authorised. Once authorised, we will begin processing the payment and the payment cannot be cancelled at this point.

If the payment date is in the future, the payment can be cancelled via Connect at any time up until the day before the payment date.

Note: Once a payment has debited your account the funds may have already been issued to the beneficiary bank and we can never guarantee that these funds may be recalled. In this case you should speak to your beneficiary directly about returning your funds.

Can I diarise a payment for a future date?

Yes, payments can be diarised to be despatched at a later date.  Maximum 180 days in the future*

* Please note the future dated payment must not be greater than the future dated payment diary set by your company’s administrator.

Can I send Faster Payments at weekends?
  • Standard Payments including Faster Payment can be sent through Santander Connect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • Bulk Faster Payments can be send Monday – Friday. Bulk Faster Payments can not be sent at weekends or on bank holidays.
How quickly are faster payments received by me?

When we receive a Faster Payment instruction to credit your account, it will be processed immediately and you will usually see the credit entry and change in available funds immediately.

Note - for some account products, such as Fixed Rate Deposit accounts, payment services may be restricted and Faster Payments along with other payment types may not be permitted. Please consult your Account Terms where applicable

How quickly are faster payments received by the beneficiary?

Funds are usually available on the beneficiary account immediately, subject to the standard bank checks by Santander and the Beneficiary Bank.

Is there a limit to the amount of funds I can transfer as a faster payment?

At Santander, our faster payment scheme limit is £250,000.00 per faster payment.

What if my payment cannot be sent as a faster payment?

For payments that cannot be sent as Faster Payments they will be automatically sent as CHAPS payments instead. CHAPS payments are a premium payment for high value transactions.

A faster payment may be sent via CHAPS if;

  • The value of the payment exceeds Santander’s Faster Payment Scheme limit. At Santander our faster payment scheme limit is £250,000 per faster payment
  • The beneficiary account is not able to receive faster payments. In order to make a CHAPS payments you may need your administrator to add the CHAPS Services to your Role.
For which sort codes are Faster Payments applicable?

All UK banks and building societies now send and receive faster payments, but some sort codes cannot receive faster payments.

You can check if a sort code can receive Faster Payments by visiting the UK payment Council website

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