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Single Payments Templates

What are payment templates?

Payment templates are designed to be a quick, secure and easy way for you to make a payment to the same beneficiary on a regular basis.

What are the different types of payment templates?

Single payment templates are available for the following payment types;

  • Standard Domestic:
    • Standard Payments (Same Day & Future Dated Faster Payments)
    • CHAPS Payments
    • Inter-account transfers (IAT’s)
  • International / Currency:
    • Electronic International Payments
    • Currency Inter-account transfers (IAT’s)
How do I save a single payment as a template?

To save a payment as a template simply select ‘save payment as a template’ when making a payment, alternatively you can create a new template in the manage single or both templates section.

How do I Create a Single Payment Template?

Single payment templates can be created from the Payments tab

  • Step A.  Go to the ‘Payments’ tab and select ‘Manage Single Templates’ from the left-hand menu
  • Step B. Select ‘Create a template’
  • Step C. Select the type of payment you wish to create a template for
  • Step D: Enter the Payment details (debit account, payment date, and payment amount and debit reference). 
  • Step E.  Enter the Beneficiary details (Beneficiary name, beneficiary account and credit reference).
  • Step F. Review and ensure the payment details are correct, then press ‘Create Template’ at the bottom of the screen
Can I suspend or delete single payment templates?

Yes. Payment templates can be permanently deleted or suspended.

  • Suspending a payment template – Suspending a payment template allows you to disable the payment template so that I cannot be used by any user within your online service until you re-active it.
  • Deleting a payment template- Deleting a payment template permanently removes it from your online banking service. This means no new payments can be created using this template. 
  • Re-activating a payment template- This re-activates a previously suspended payment template.
Can I export single payment templates?

Yes. Payment templates can be exported in both PDF and CSV formats.

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