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Searching for payments

How do I search for payments?

You can search “All Payments” from the “Search All Payments” screen.  Filter your search by Date, Date Range, Payment Status, Payment Type, Value and/or User ID by entering information in the relevant box (es).  Please note you must enter at least one Payment Type or one Payment Status to search.  For example, you cannot search “All Payment Types” and “All Payment Statuses”.

There are two search options available:

  • Payment type & Payment status – Searches must contain at least one Payment Type or one Payment Status. For example you can search for all payments in a specific payment status or for all payment statuses for one type of payment. You can further filter results by Date, Date Range and/or Payment Amount.
  • Currency and Amount search – This option allows for searching by payment currency, payment amount and payment date.

Please note: Users who have access to submit payments but cannot authorise payments can search and review, edit or cancel their own submitted payments (when pending authorisation).

How do I Search for payments pending authorisation?

You can search all payments that have been entered onto Santander Connect but not authorised for payment to review details, cancel or authorise those payments.

Please note: Please consult your Administrator if you are not sure whether you have the required services and/or permissions to authorise a payment.

From the ‘Payments tab’, select “Authorise Payments” from the left hand menu. All payments currently pending authorisation and payments that have expired as a result of not being authorised in time will be shown.

Please note: some payments may be listed on additional pages, click “Next” from the navigation buttons to review subsequent pages of payment listings.

To find a specific payment to authorise, you can refine the list of payments shown by; Payment Type, Payment Status or Date Range. Click Search.

How far into the past can I search for payments made on my accounts?

Payments made on Connect/made on your account can be searched for up to 60 days in the past.

How do I search for a Bulk Payments?

To find a Bulk Payment on Connect, use the Search Bulk Payments facility under the Manage Bulk Payments menu. You can search for Bulk Payments by Debit Account, Payment Status, Payment References and/or Date Range. You can also search Bulk Payments from the Search All Payments page.

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