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Payment Summary

What is the Payment Summary?

The Payment Summary is a screen in Santander Connect which shows the daily values and volumes of all outbound payment activity in each payment status.

Please note: This view is unique to your online privileges and accounts. For Example if you do not have access to see Faster Payments then Faster Payments will not show in the Payment Summary.

What type of Payments does the Payment Summary show?

The Payment Summary shows all outbound Payment activity for all payment types.

How can I access the Payment Summary?

The Payment Summary is in the Payments Tab. It is automatically available for any users who have access to make, authorise or search for payments.

The Payment Summary can also be assigned to a custom Role through Role management.

Do Payments from confidential accounts show in the Payment Summary?

If you have access to confidential accounts then any Payments from confidential accounts will show in the Payment Summary. For access to confidential accounts speak to your Administrator.

What do the different Payment statuses mean?

There are a variety of different payment statuses within the service and these depend on the state the payment is in. Payment statuses can be grouped into three simple processing states;

With Customer – For the customer to action
With Bank – For the bank to process
Completed – No further action is needed (Unless the payment has failed)

With Customer

  1. Incomplete: The payment is saved as incomplete and pending further information, amendment or further action before it can be submitted for processing.
  2. Awaiting First Authorisation: The payment has been submitted and is awaiting authorisation.
  3. Awaiting Second Authorisation: The payment has completed first authorisation and now requires second authorisation before processing (not always applicable).
  4. Expired: The payment has not been fully authorised and specified payment date has elapsed. Please note for all future dated payment, the payment must be fully authorised before the payment date specified, otherwise it will expire.

With Bank

  1. In Progress: The payment has been fully authorised by the customer and is being processed, a number of validations and standard bank checks are now taking place.
  2. Pending: The payment has been fully authorised by the customer and the bank. The payment is waiting for the next payment batch to be despatched.
  3. Active: The payment has been fully authorised by the customer but the payment date specified is in the future and the payment has been scheduled for future processing. This payment will not enter the In Progress status until the specified date of the payment. The payment may be cancelled or amended until this point in time.


  1. Despatched: The payment has been successfully processed and the payment has been sent to the bank of beneficiary as specified.
  2. Cancelled: The payment instruction has been cancelled and removed from processing – one of your users had cancelled the payment.
  3. Failed: The payment has been fully authorised but failed during the being processed by the bank. This would have resulted where one or more standard bank checks were unsuccessful. Any Failed payments will need to be resubmitted.
How long do Payments show on the Payment Summary for?

This depends on the status of the Payment

  • Payments Awaiting Authorisation will show up to and including the payment date.
  • Expired Payments show for 30 days. After 30 days the status will automatically be updated to Cancelled.
  • Incomplete Payments show for 30 days.
  • In Progress and Pending statuses show all Payments being processed by the bank for up to 5 days.
  • Active shows all future dated payments until the Payment Date. On the Payment Date the status will change to Despatched or Failed.
  • Despatched shows all Payments sent by the bank on that day.
  • Partially Despatched shows all bulk Payments which were Partially Despatched on that day.
  • Cancelled shows all Payments which have been Cancelled on that day.
  • Failed shows all Payment which have Failed that day.
Can I export a copy of the Payment Summary?

The Payment summary can be exported in a PDF format.

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