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Electronic International Payments

What are electronic international payments?

Santander Connect allows you to make two types of electronic international payments;

  • Foreign currency payments to a UK beneficiary
  • Sterling and foreign currency payment to a beneficiary outside of the UK.

Santander is able to send fast and secure payments of any value to nearly every country in the world. Payments can be sent electronically or by a draft currency cheque. Draft currency cheques are prepared by the bank and posted to you.

When you make an international payment in Santander Connect the foreign exchange rate prevailing for the chosen currency is applied. You may also use a pre-booked rate via our foreign exchange deal service.

How do I make an international payment?

International payments are made from the Payments tab in Connect;

  • Step 1. Go to the ‘Payments’ tab and within the International Payments section select the destination country, select Electronic, then press ‘Go’.
  • Step 2. Enter the Payment details
  • Step 3. Enter the Beneficiary details
  • Step 4. Enter the Foreign Exchange Details. This section will only show if you are registered to use pre-booked foreign exchange deals. If you are interested in using this service then please speak with your Relationship Director. If you are registered for this service and wish to use a pre-booked deal to fund your payment, you can select ‘Add Foreign Exchange Deals’ to navigate to the Commercial Foreign Exchange Deals page
  • Step 5. Enter the Charges details
  • Step 6. Check all payment details are correct and then press the ‘Make Payment’ button at the bottom of the payment instruction. If all payment details are correct and pass validation, you will be taken to the Confirm then Summary screens from which the payment will be pending final authorisation before it is processed.

If you do not wish to proceed with the payment from the Enter International Payment or Confirm screen you can select ‘Cancel’ or ‘Save Payment’ to save it as incomplete.

What are the international payment cut off times and credit value dates?

International payments may only be sent through the service during weekdays.

The cut off times for same day electronic international payments will depend on the currency of the payment and the currency of the account being debited.

You can use our cut off time calculator to identify the value date and cut off time for your international payments.

Please note: You must fully authorise the payment before the cut off time for the respective currency.


For all international payments, if you authorise the payment after the cut off time for the payment date specified you may experience a delay in the processing of your payment. Please ensure the payment date specified is valid in accordance with the cut off times shown in the calculator for your chosen payment currency.

How do I enter international payment beneficiary details?

International beneficiaries can be input when making an international payment. Remember, you can look up an existing beneficiary and this will automatically populate their account details.

Alternatively, you can manually specify the beneficiary name using up to 35 characters. If the name exceeds 35 characters then you may use the additional lines provide in the next field (beneficiary customer address) 140 characters are available in total (4 lines of 35 characters)

What is the Beneficiary customer address?

This is where can specify the address of the beneficiary you wish to pay. This field is optional for most destination countries but mandatory for certain countries.

What is an IBAN number?

This is the International Bank Account Number and uniquely identifies a bank account around the world. This is the internationally agreed standard for identifying bank accounts.

An increasing number of countries require the use of an IBAN when making inward payments to their country. For EUR payment to EEA countries, the use of an IBAN together with a BIC is mandatory.

Please Note: Using a valid IBAN significantly reduces the likelihood of delays or issues with your international payments.

What is a BIC number?

This is the Bank Identifier Code and is sometimes referred to as the SWIFT address. This is the internationally agreed standard to uniquely identify a bank branch.

The BIC is mandatory for all international payment in the service with the exception of USD payments to the US. This is because payments in USD to the US can either contain a BIC or NCC (Fedwire) code.

The BIC will either be 8 or 11 alphanumerical characters.

What does the field payment priority mean?

This field indicates the routing method of the electronic international payment. The only option currently available is Standard. Standard must be used for all payments made. This field will include alternative options in the future for certain country and currency combinations.

What is a National Clearing Code (NCC)?

This is the National Clearing Code format of a particular country, EG for the UK it is the Sort Code. In some countries the NCC is still widely used and required for receiving international payments,

The BIC must be used when sending payment to the following countries with the exception of USD payment to the US where a Fedwire code should be used instead.

Country Fixed Length Character Type
Australia 6 N
Canada 9 N
Hong Kong 3 N
India 11 C
New Zealand 6 N
Russia 9 N
South Africa 6 N
United States 9 N

N - Numeric characters only
C - Alphanumeric characters permitted

What are the FX rates for International payments?

For International payments, the FX rate applied is the prevailing rate at the time of actual processing.

Please note the FX rate shown during making the payment and when authorisation is pending is only indicative. (Based on the prevailing rate at that time). The payment will always need to be fully processed before the actual FX rate can be confirmed.

Once the payment has been fully authorised and cleared any bank checks the actual FX rate applied can be seen in the payment details once the payment has been despatched.

Can I book an FX rate for my international payment?

Yes, an FX rate can be booked via Santander Flame or by calling our FX dealing desk on 0800 015 4116 option 1/option 1. Please note, you must be registered to use this service. If you are interested in using this service then please speak with your Relationship Director.

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