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International Draft (cheque)

How do I request an International Draft (cheque)?

You can request a foreign currency draft (cheque) within the Payments tab in Connect. The draft will be posted to you.

  • Step 1. Go to the ‘Payments’ tab and within the International Payments section select the destination country, select Draft, then press ‘Go’.
  • Step 2. Enter the Payment details
  • Step 3. Enter the Beneficiary details
  • Step 4. Enter the Foreign Exchange Details. This section will only show if you are registered to use pre-booked foreign exchange deals. If you are interested in this service then please speak with your Relationship Director. If you are registered for this service and wish to use a pre-booked deal to fund your payment, you can select ‘Add Foreign Exchange Deals’ to navigate to the Commercial Foreign Exchange Deals page.
  • Step 5. Check all payment details are correct and then press the ‘Make Payment’ button at the bottom of the payment instruction. If all payment details are correct and pass validation, you will be taken to the Confirm then Summary screens from which the payment will be pending final authorisation before it is processed.

If you do not wish to proceed with the payment from the Enter International Draft Payment or Confirm screen you can select ‘Cancel‘ or ‘Save Payment’ to save it as incomplete.

Can I book an FX rate for my International Draft (cheque)?

Yes, an FX rate can be booked via Santander Flame or by calling our FX dealing desk on 0800 015 4116 option 1/option 1. Please note, you must be registered to use this service. If you are interested in using this service then please speak with your Relationship Director.

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