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CHAPS Payments

What are CHAPS payments?

CHAPS payments are made via a premium same-day payment service that can be used to make high value urgent sterling payments to UK sort codes open to accept CHAPS payments. CHAPS stands for Clearing House Automated Payments System.

How do I make a CHAPS Payment?

CHAPS payments are made from the Payments tab in Connect;

  • Step 1.  Go to the ‘Payments’ tab and select ‘Make a Payment’ from the left-hand menu.  Select ‘CHAPS (UK same day)’ from within the Domestic payment section.
  • Step 2.  Enter the Payment details (debit account, payment date, and payment amount and debit reference). 
  • Step 3.  Enter the Beneficiary details (Beneficiary name, beneficiary account and credit reference). These details will be validated to ensure they conform to the CHAPS payment instruction format.  If you are advised of an error, you must verify the details with the beneficiary as errors will result in a delay to your payment or it may fail completely.  
  • Step 4. Review and ensure the payment details are correct, then press ‘Make Payment’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 5. Check all details are correct and click ‘Confirm Payment’ at the bottom of the screen. 

Please note that this payment will not be processed until it is authorised (if required).
Please note Fields marked with * are mandatory.

If you do not wish to proceed with the payment, you can select ‘CANCEL’ payment or ‘SAVE PAYMENT’ as incomplete.

When the payment has been processed and released, it will appear immediately on your account statement. This payment has now been made and cannot be recalled.

What are the cut off times for CHAPS payments?

The cut off times for online CHAPS payments can be found here.

Simply select ‘Domestic Payments’ and follow the instructions on screen.

Can I cancel a payment I have made?

A payment can be cancelled during the creation and/or authorisation stages by using the cancel buttons available. At the authorisation stage you will need to use your security device to to cancel the payment.

If the payment date is today the payment will need to be cancelled before the payment is fully authorised, once fully authorised we will begin processing the payment and the payment cannot be cancelled beyond this point.

Although it is highly unlikely that we will be able to stop this payment once authorised via Connect, please contact our Corporate Service Centre on 0800 085 2090 as the payment may still be held completing standard bank checks.
If the payment date is in the future, the payment can be cancelled at any time up until the actual payment date. 

Note: Once a payment has debited your account the funds may have already been issued to the beneficiary bank and we can never guarantee these funds can be completely recalled. In this case you should speak to your beneficiary directly about returning your funds.

Can I send CHAPS Payments at weekends?

CHAPS payments can only be sent on working days (Mon-Fri excluding bank holidays) before the cut-off time.

The cut off times for online CHAPS payments can be found here.

Simply select ‘Domestic Payments’ and follow the instructions on screen.

Can I diarise a CHAPS payment for a future date?

Future dated payments are simply payments with a payment date set in the future e.g. tomorrow or in 2 weeks’ time. You can future date any payment - Single or Bulk Faster Payments, CHAPS payments, Inter Account Transfers or International payments.
When a payment is created with a date specified in the future then different processing features apply. The main difference is the use of the Active status. Payments with a future date created and authorised on a day prior to the specified payment date will have an Active status, this means the payment has been scheduled for release by the system on the Payment Date and when that date occurs the payment will be processed, no further action is required from you.

It is important to ensure sufficient funds are available in the chosen debit account and the payment is fully authorised prior to the payment date specified.

While Active and fully authorised, the payment can still be Edited or Cancelled. When the scheduled payment date occurs, the status will change from Active and the payment will begin processing and the ability to Edit and Cancel will no longer be available.
Please Note:  you can only create future dated payments if you have the appropriate service. Please consult your Administrator on this.

How quickly are CHAPS payments received by me?

All CHAPS payments will be credited to your account within 90 minutes, subject to standard bank checks.

How quickly are CHAPS payments received by the beneficiary?

Once fully authorised, all CHAPS payments will be credited to your beneficiary’s account within 3 hours, subject to standard bank checks by us and the beneficiary’s bank.

Is there a limit to the amount of funds I can send by CHAPS?

There is no limit on the amount of funds that can be sent by a CHAPS payment.

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