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Bacs Payments

What are Bacs payments?

BACS, formerly known as Bankers' Automated Clearing Services is a scheme for the electronic processing of financial transactions within the UK and the collective name of its controlling group. Direct debits and direct deposits are made using the BACS system. Bacs payments take 3 days to reach the receiving sort code account number as they are batched.

Which Santander Connect service can I make bacs payments from?

Only Santander Connect Plus supports BACS payments

What do I need to make bacs payments online?

In order to make bacs payments online you will need the following;

  • Be Bacs sponsored and have a registered Bacs Service User Number (SUN)
  • A Bacs limit assigned by Santander. Please speak to your relationship director to arrange this.
What type of bacs payments can be made in Santander Connect?

Santander Connect allows you to make bacs payments in 2 ways.

  • Import a file of bacs payments
  • Make a bulk bacs payment using the Bulk Payments facility
Is there a limit to the amount of funds I can transfer as a bacs payment?

No, any value of bacs payment can be sent through Santander Connect

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