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Setting your preferences

Below are a few of the tools available to personalise the experience for each user. These allow you to save time when navigating, searching for accounts or making payments.

You can find these in the ‘Preferences’ tab change your preferences at any time.

Favourite accounts

Select up to 10 of your most used accounts as favourites to save yourself time when navigating around the site.
Your favourite accounts will automatically appear for you to select when using the magnifying glass (account search facility) in any of the payment of account search screens.

Favourite beneficiaries

To save time when making payments, you can select up to 50 favourite beneficiary accounts.

A list of your favourite beneficiaries will automatically in a drop down menu when you fill out the beneficiary account field on the payments screens. You can also search favourite beneficiaries when you make domestic and international payments and payments from templates.

You can export a list of all your beneficiaries in CSV or PDF formats from the ‘Manage beneficiaries’ screen, which you can find under the ‘Payments’ tab.

Preferred payment accounts

Another way to save time when making payments is by selecting up to 4 preferred payment accounts for different currencies.

You can choose your preferred payment accounts for GBP, USD, EUR and one other currency. Then, when you go to make a payment in one of these currencies, your preferred payment account will automatically appear.

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