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Payment preferences

You can choose from a range of payment preferences and limits to tailor your Online Banking to your company’s needs. These also protect you against fraudulent online transactions.  Your administrator can set up and alter these preferences from the ‘Administration’ menu.

Company payment limit

You can adjust the overall maximum value payment limit, which applies to all users irrespective of their own authorisation limit. For your security, this is defaulted to £10,000 within Santander Connect.

User authorisation limits

You can also place a limit on each user to control the maximum value of a payment they can authorise. This offers another barrier to a fraudster if they manage to get hold of any of your security details. We suggest every user has an authorisation limit to protect your money.

Dual authorisation limit

With dual authorisation, two separate people are needed to authorise payments online. Typically, the first person creates and authorises the payment request, and a second user checks and authorises it before we send the payment.

Inter Account Transfer (IAT) authorisation trigger value

An IAT payment is when you transfer funds internally between your own accounts. These types of payments are treated differently as they carry less of a security risk. By default, authorisation and signature authentication is only needed for an IAT payment if the value is over the IAT authorisation trigger value.

Payment diary size

This is how far in advance users can schedule payments from the effective date of the payment.

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