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Creating additional users and user roles

To run your business smoothly, you may need to create additional users. There’s no limit to the amount of additional users you can create, but user fees may apply.

How to create more users

Administrators have the responsibility for creating and managing your users. This is easy and only takes a few minutes. To create additional users, simply:

  • Go to the ‘Administration’ tab;
  • Select ‘Manage Users’; and
  • Click on ‘Create User’ and input their personal details.

For more information on creating users please visit the FAQ section of the Connect Help Cente

User roles

These define what actions your users can perform online. It’s important to check that your user has the correct roles assigned so they can do the tasks you need them to online.

  • Master roles: Both Santander Connect and Santander Connect Plus offer a range of pre-defined user roles based on the needs of the different people in a typical company. For example, the payment super user can access all payments related activities online.
  • Custom roles: Santander Connect Plus allows you to create specific and tailored user roles to fulfil the needs of your business.

For more information on how master and custom roles work, please visit the FAQ section of the Connect Help Cente.

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