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Audit Tool

What is the Audit tool?

The Audit tool offers the ability to search for specific user activity and events that have occurred in Santander Connect. This includes making payments, logging on and certain administration tasks. This provides your company with visibility and control of certain actions and events performed by your users.

Please note: This facility is only available to Administrator users.

How to use the Audit tool?

Step 1: Navigate to the Audit tab. Please note: you will only be able to see the audit tab if you have the correct user administration permissions.

Step 2: Search for an audit event. You can search for an audit event in a number of ways;

  1. Search by Date. Please note: A range of 6 months is the maximum duration which can be searched.
  2. Search by User ID. Use the magnifying glass to select a user ID or type in the user ID to see audit events for the chosen user.
  3. Search by Event Category and/or Event Type. These options allow you to narrow your search by selecting the type of event you are looking for.
  4. Search by Payment Reference. Please note: Searching by payment reference can only be used when searching for payment events.

Step 3: View event details. To see further details of events select the Event Description.

What information is available in the Audit tool?

A range of audit events are available to allow you to track any online activity. Descriptions of each event category and type are below;

Administration Events
Event Category Event Description Description
Manage Accounts Shows any changes to your online accounts, including changes to confidential accounts or changes to any account alias
Mange Roles Shows any changes to your online user roles, including the creation of new roles, amendments to existing roles and the deletion of user roles
Administration Mange Users Shows any changes to your online users, including the creation of new users, amendments to existing users (including user payment limits and user details) and the deletion of users
Manage Payment Limits Shows any changes to your online payment limits
Manage Payment Preferences

Shows any changes to your online payment preferences

Create Payments Shows any payments which have been created
Edit Payments Shows any payments which have been edited
Authorise Payments Shows any payments which have been authorised (first and second authorisations) 
Payments Cancel Payments

Shows any payments which have been cancelled

Clear Authorisation

Shows any payments where authorisation has been cleared

Create Payment from a template

Shows any payments which have been created from a template

Import payments

Shows any payments which have been imported

User Log on User Log on Shows any user log ons

The date, time, user name and user ID is shown for all audit events.

Where a user has made a change the event description will show the settings both pre and post change.

How far in the past will audit information be shown in Santander Connect?

The previous 6 months historic audit data will be available for you to view in Santander Connect. We encourage customers to export and save audit records regularly for record keeping.

Why can’t I see the Audit tool?

Only users with administration permissions can see the Audit tool. Please speak to your administration user if you require access.

Can I export audit information for use outside of Santander Connect

Yes. Audit results can be exported in CSV or PDF formats for use outside of Santander Connect.

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