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Account Administration

What type of accounts can I manage using the Santander Connect online banking service?
  • Current Accounts
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Fixed Rate Deposit Accounts
  • Foreign Currency Accounts
What is an account alias?

Within Santander Connect you can give each of your accounts an alias or nickname; this will allow easier and quicker recognition of the account within the service.  This can be a very useful feature when you use many accounts in the service to uniquely identify each one.

To apply an alias to the account, simply navigate to the ‘Administration tab’ then ‘manage accounts’.  From here specify the alias you wish to use for the account under Account Alias then click ‘Continue’ to confirm the change. Changing the Alias of an account will always requires you to use your security device.

What are confidential accounts?

Marking Accounts as confidential will prevent all users from accessing the account, unless the user has access to confidential accounts.

To mark an account as confidential simply navigate to the ‘Administration tab’, then ‘Manage accounts’.  Select the confidential indicator checkbox next to the account, then click ‘Continue’ to confirm the change. Changing the Confidential Indicator of an account will always require you to use your security device.

Why can’t I see all of my accounts online?

Your Company’s accounts need to be registered for use in the service by our Registration team. Simply call the Online Help Desk for further support with this. If the accounts have been registered already and are still not available to view, you will need to ensure they are allocated to the roles you have been permitted, please consult your administrator on this.

What are Favourite accounts?

Your favourite accounts will automatically appear for you to select when using the magnifying glass (account search facility) in any of the payment of account search screens.

You can select up to 10 of your most used accounts as favourites to save yourself time when navigating around the site.

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